Wireless gps phone mini scramblers

Admin 2018-06-15 wireless mobile phone scrambler

A wireless signal jammer is a device used to prevent these devices from transmitting signals by receiving signals. In our view, get rid of the unexpected interference and live a safer life. The following is a brief introduction to our wireless signal scrambling products.

Our mini wireless cellular scrambler. It looks like a mobile phone, very easy to transport. It can effectively block GSM and 3G signals as well as WiFi and GPS signals. It has been specially tuned to break down cellular frequencies: GSM (850-970mhz), GPS (1500-1600 Mhz), and WiFi (240-2480mhz). The wireless signal scrambler transmits low-power radio signals to cut off communication between the base station and any nearby cell phone. But it can't interfere with phones that are 10 meters away! It's definitely a spy gizmo in disguise. Plus, it's only $99 so everyone can afford the cheap wireless signal jammer.

In addition to the wireless signal jammer we mentioned, we also have many other new products, such as high power gps signal jammer, wireless remote control signal jammer, wireless signal jammers cars, etc. With all kinds of wireless signal jammers, we are sure there is a wireless signal jammer for you. Jammer-buy is a professional jammer-buy supplier with many years of experience. Our goal is to provide the scrambler with the best quality and the most reasonable price. We have full confidence in our scrambler. If you don't see our link here, search "jammer-buy store" at Google and you'll find us.

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