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Pocket gps wifi gsm 3g jammer video mini portable


Recent new articles online, interfering with WiFi (2.4ghz)/GSM and 3G, can block any digital transmission within a range of 2 to 10 metres.
A wide range of integrated antenna jammers worldwide are used to teach the use of miniature cell phone signals. With a large signal jammer with built-in antenna and fan, you may find this to be the best choice.
Pocket wifi jammer is very efficient. As we can see, all wifi connections in the office are turned off immediately, 3G phones and GSM are cut off. In a word, there is no work within one minute.
Running with 1200 mAH lithium-ion battery ensures several hours of continuous operation.
Car charger lighter GSM jammer:
This is the best example of irony we've seen for a long time - a jammer that looks like a laptop blocking other laptops! ! ! All your nearby phones will lose their network signal in a matter of seconds, allowing you to:
(1) watch the movie quietly;
(2) dinner in the restaurant;
(3) effective driving meetings;
(4) provide effective presentations;
(5) to participate in worship/worship without interference;
(6) focusing on meetings being delivered;
(7) spend some quiet time in a museum or gallery;
(8) read quietly in the public library;
(9) protect your students from fraud by texting them.

Power supply: AC power adapter and car charger
Adapters : AC 110 ~ 240V / DC 4.2V
Battery: 1200mA
Weight: 290g
Dimensions: 95 x 48 x 18mm
Jamming radius: 10 meters (Depending on operator signal field strength)


1. Apply to the prison, conference rooms, meeting rooms, museums, art galleries, theaters, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, entertainment center training, factories, Banks, train, bus and so on.
2. For hospitals, gas stations and other special use places, please conduct on-site test first to ensure the normal operation of equipment and equipment will not be disturbed.