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About mobile phone jammer legal issue

There has been a misunderstanding about whether mobile phone jammers are legal. Here will discussions about mobile phone jammer legal issue with you. Cell phone jammer should not be used by individuals in every country. Personal use is not legal. In China, mobile phones are used in schools, prisons and other places. The purpose of the school's use of mobile phone jammers is to prevent students from cheating in exams and to make it unfair to others. The use of mobile phone jammers in prisons is mainly to protect the security of prisons. In the United States, the use of jammers is illegal, and the right of cell phone users to use the signal is protected by law. The main application of mobile jammers is especially high level of secrecy, where data security needs to be protected.

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Mobile phone signal jammer device no matter in which country for personal use is illegal, in some units, such as schools, prisons, theatre, etc are different, some countries is to be able to install and use. For example, in China, the school can install mobile phone jammers, and to ensure the fairness of the test, they can turn on the mobile phone signal jammer during the important exam period to prevent students from cheating. But it could also affect the mobile phone signals of residents outside the school, and there have been complaints. So is it legal for schools to use mobile phone jammers? What do you think of a us teacher who uses a signal shield to prevent students from having their mobile phones suspended from class?

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