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News that GPS jammers are important

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With the development of economy, there are more and more GPS and other positioning systems. GPS devices are very useful for our navigation and rescue. But on the other hand, it also exposes our position and raises questions. With GPS devices, bad people can easily lock us in. When we're with our family, when we're at shopping, when we're taking our kids, especially when we're on a business trip, GPS devices can easily tell us where to give it to a suspect. How to protect us? How do we protect our privacy? The GPS jammer is what we need. It is a machine that can turn off GPS signals and turn off all GPS devices within a certain range. Protecting our privacy is very helpful to us.

Thousands of people use GPS jammers to hide the fact that they are driving a stolen car, or to hide the fact that they are driving a commercial vehicle for a long time, with potentially more serious consequences than a screen. Your GPS. On the KOM of the Strava segment.

When a cigarette lighter is inserted, the jammer forms a 500-meter "bubble" around the vehicle. GPS doesn't work in this area, and the plane's safety technology could be compromised, with the tracking system stolen from the vehicle. The truck driver and taxi monitored to prevent them from illegal driving for a long time can also use them to avoid detection, although the report did not say how GPS record position instead of driving time.
Despite all these risks, these devices are completely legal and widely sold.
According to the guardian (link is external), "when engineers started monitoring outside London two-lane road traffic conditions and compare the London traffic on the road, they found 10 breaker road every day. Given the amount of traffic on the roads, this could lead to thousands of users across the country.
Global positioning system (GPS) and radar jammer special penalty in oz country, the country has "cautious" traffic monitoring rate is one of the highest - and, of course, the speed is a bad thing, but some states will impose a driver under 60 + limit at the speed of 3 km/h, and the camera hidden in the wheeled bin, traffic cone, etc. It's a huge source of income.
New Delhi: if you think your car is safe because you have a "foolproof" GPS security system installed, you need to rethink it. Car thieves use devices that block GPS signals and pull them out of the network. Detectives from the anti-theft unit (AATS) fear the battery-powered portable devices could also be used for kidnapping and other crimes involving GPS booths.

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