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Confidentiality measures for confidential meeting contents require use cell phone jammer to prohibit mobile.

WiFi jammers were installed at a secret Vatican meeting

Admin 2018-06-23 wifi jammer

We have all kinds of mobile spy devices in our lives, and more and more people are used to seeing us, so we need wireless signal jammers. In some cases, this electronic espionage device can put us at risk. Among them, the most dangerous equipment is the wireless telephone equipment. They are distributed in various places, such as shopping center, streets, supermarkets, bus stations, hospitals, restaurants, cinemas, libraries and other public places. Some of them may have been examined to gather our information, which will put us at risk.

Vatican city (Reuters) - for centuries, the Roman Catholic church has relied on the walls of the Sistine chapel to continue electing new secret popes. But the Vatican must now turn to an electronic Arsenal for cardinal twitter and a year of overwhelming leaks.

Safety is walking in the forefront, as governors gathered in a Rome Pope Benedict, red hat for hundreds of years scandal Vatileaks marks the rule to resign after the first Pope's successor, his housekeeper and photocopy documents to spill the beans. The corruption of the holy see.
The word "conclave" means "with a key" in Italian and comes from the Latin word for a lock. But in the 21st century, closing doors is not enough.
The staff is preparing the Sistine chapel, secret ballot will take place next week, on their ornate ceramic tile laying off the floor and install electronic wifi jammer to escape from the 15th century church ruins all the signals of Michelangelo. Mural "final judgment".
Ahead of the vote, Vatican officials will use anti-worm scanners to clean the church and the cardinal's hotel to check for hidden gophers.
Vatican police used several mobile phones in the city last year, investigating whether insiders helped housekeeper Paolo Gabriele disclose the documents to an Italian journalist in early 2012.

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