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Admin 2018-06-05 Wireless network WiFi Network security

Wireless network is our familiar signal network type, daily life and work almost inseparable from it, it has been the world's countries and regions comprehensively put into use, and spread all over the world, and become one of the important media of people access to the Internet. The progress of science and technology is of great significance to the development of wireless network, but at the same time, it also faces various security problems, which attract the attention of various hackers and even attacks. Therefore, the security of wireless network is valued by people.

In the era of wireless signal of the streets, we care about most is his family network security, if your family is not well network safety protection, outside of network security and how to talk about then? The reason for writing this diary is that a customer asked us if the wifi jammer could protect the network security.

The network security problem is particularly important in the Internet era, and the protection of wireless network is a necessary measure. So how do we protect our home networks? First, setting up the wireless network transmitter is the first step, requiring the latest wireless encryption technology, preferably multiple security measures. For customer consultation, the wifi jammer has a certain protective effect on the wireless network. It can cut off the network signal, make the hacker cannot find it, and then attack. Second, when we don't use the wireless network, to shut it down is also a kind of protective measures, to hide in the network of many, not susceptible to discover, thus reducing the possibility of being attacked.Finally, some security tools are required, such as signal shielding devices.

Although the home wireless network has provided us with a lot of convenience, so that our computers, tablets, mobile phones and other mobile devices can access the Internet. This has also become a concern for people. Their children are addicted to the Internet with their mobile phones and ignore their studies. Playing online games for a long time, so that their physical and mental health cannot grow up healthily, will also affect their physical health. If you use a wireless jammer, you can prevent this behavior and protect your home network to provide a good environment for your home.

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