4 common places use mobile phone jammers

Admin 2018-06-06 Mobile Phone Place Jammer

On June 6, 2018,I will introduce you to the most common places where the cell phone jammer is needed for the most common use at present. The mobile signal will be blocked by the interference device, so as to prohibit the use of mobile phones.

Have you seen the use of signal jammers in those places? You should be the first think of the school, because we have worked as a student, we often will be affected by it, can't use mobile phones in class, make the teacher's lecture and classroom order has a certain specification. In important examinations, the interference device is turned on to prevent cheating in exams. All electronic devices that may need wireless signals to cheat cannot be used normally.

In addition to school, restaurants are one of the most common places to use mobile phone blockers. With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people in the use of the restaurant have the habit of watch mobile phone, this may affect the others and the restaurant's business, so the owner need to install the jamming device to decrease the time of mobile phone use, focus on food.

The cinema is a place in today's people recreation to relax, in these places, however, there are many uncivilized behavior, including loudly call is one of the most serious phenomenon, seriously affected the other audience viewing experience, make others very angry, so there's some suggestion that install interference device, with the cinema during the movie play open, banning cell phone use in the studio.

Prison is the earliest legal use of cell phone jammers, we know that prison is a place where criminals, the local security needs of the most important protection measures, and the use of jammers can prevent the criminal with the outside world, which leads to a series of negative consequences, prison would install high power jammer, can fully protect the security of the prison.

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