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Admin 2018-06-07 GSM Frequency Jammer

In June 7, 2018,Today there are a lot of customer with our customer service staff consultation GSM jammer related knowledge, including the GSM frequency band and the operator of the world's major GSM band, and the future development will 5 g 2 g spectrum close related, provide other types of signal frequency range, etc.GSM is the most basic network signal type. It is the earliest network that provides services for mobile phones in the frequency band of mobile phones.

GSM 900MHz frequency band has a duplex interval of 45MHz, effective bandwidth of 25MHz, 124 carrier frequencies, 8 channels for each carrier frequency.Was based on the signal, a lot of customers by phone ringing and the uncivilized phenomenon of loudly call harassment, they consult whether we have such interference device, can make the environment around us gets quiet. Yes, for the customer's questions, professional customer service attitude and professional knowledge of the product, we offer our customers, to remove the customer's doubts, and professional to help them buy. We believe that professional knowledge and service can enhance the store's reputation and win customers' recognition.

Integrate recent customer inquiries and queries, and as a store manager, answer questions for your system today. GSM is widely used in the world. Many problems caused by mobile phones are also caused by the application of GSM on mobile phones. So if you need to get tired of being harassed and not have your own quiet environment to read or do your own thing, buying a GSM jammer is your best bet.

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