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Admin 2018-06-08 GPS Jammer features Satellite signal

Hello, everyone! Today we will discuss the characteristics of common GPS jammers. Have you ever heard of or used a GPS blocker?For us ordinary citizens, we common GPS signal jammer is mainly used for vehicle tracking device, and one of the most popular is the car cigarette lighter GPS jammers, it has a small portable, easy to conceal, powerful, in many countries in the world, it is one of the most popular a GPS satellite tracking device.

As is known to all, signal jammers are not allowed for private use in many countries, which may harm the interests of others and endanger public security. I don't think many people would have used the extra stuff in our cars if it wasn't for personal safety and to prevent them from being tracked by criminals. Due to the frequent use of GPS satellite signal tracking events such as vehicle tracking, people pay more attention to their privacy protection, so GPS jammers are very popular.

These common GPS blocker have their own features that signal jammers manufacturers use to meet consumers' needs. As you can see from the interference products in our store, most of them adopt hand-held portable design, small and light for people to use anywhere. In addition, in order to satisfy people's more demand, set the number of antenna to different, making it more options on interference spectrum, and the antenna is removable, easy to conceal. Such jamming devices are primarily for private use, and are usually designed for use by the military or by important security units as desktops, with more antennas, and with a wider range of interference.

The characteristics of the above is what we can see, with the range of frequencies, need to have certain knowledge to understand the common types of general personal use mainly GPS L1 (1500-1600 MHz), L2 (1220-1230 MHz) L3 (1200-1210 MHz) of the signal frequency, and the military to L4 (1250-1280 MHz) and L5 (1170-1180 MHz). So for your personal use, you only need to buy the interference frequencies of GPS L1, L2 and L3.

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