Library keeps reading quiet by phone jammer

Admin 2018-06-03 Mobile phone Library Reading Environment

In the era of rapid technological development, various kinds of noise have become the source of people's boredom. Now more and more people complain they don't have a quiet environment for rest and learning, the voice of the machine, such as cell phone ringtone people's emotions, seriously affected the noise is common in every place, but in the library, people need a quiet reading environment, find peace of short in the sea of knowledge, enrich their lives, that is why I wrote this diary.

If a place like a library can't be quiet, what else can be quiet? Most people complain of reading in the library, always hear the sound of the various break the quiet atmosphere, including ringtones performance, most notably in the librarian got into too many similar complaints and feedback. In this case, the librarian asked if we should install the GSM jammer.

Of course, if everyone has a good civilization consciousness, reading environment is not subject to any damage, but when people don't do it, it is necessary to use some compulsory measures program, and banning cell phone use can use mobile phone jammers, as schools to ban the use of mobile phones, cheating in the exam.

Not only that, with the popularity of cell phone use, the use of mobile phones in each place can see all kinds of civilization, in order to let the customer or service people to have better experience, more and more inclined to install jammer device, to prevent the use of mobile phones, a coffee shop to use the GSM signal jammer device offers guests a quiet environment, facilitate business negotiation.

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