Jammers used by school responsible for students

Admin 2018-06-02 School jammer Student Homework

Students playing mobile phones in the classroom affect the normal teaching order, beyond the limits of their rights, they should be restricted.Schools use a mobile phone jammers is already a very common thing, but netizens still exist various attitudes to this, some netizens concerns "radiation health", also have a net friend think it is helpful to solve the phenomenon of students in the class play mobile phone. The school said the move was necessary to eliminate mobile phone use in class and reduce learning interference. The radiation is much smaller than mobile phones and will not affect health.

Installing a "cell phone jammer" in the classroom is a costly and thankless affair, and what we see through this action is the heavy responsibility of the school to the students. With the development of market economy and the progress of science and technology, mobile phones have become more and more common in our life and more and more functions. Mobile phones bring us a lot of convenience, but also cause us a lot of trouble. Report said, "in the classroom, the student answering the phone, mobile phone or the Internet, reading novels, playing games etc. Phenomenon is relatively serious, in the examination, some students also use mobile phones for cheating, such as mobile phones to send the answer to the classmate, cell phone Internet to check the answer".

School is one of the 4 places use phone jammers place in our life.Only eliminate the interference, reduce cell phone use, maintain the normal order of teaching, in order to ensure the quality of teaching, to live up to the students, parents, and the social from all walks of life to learn expected of the sample.The phenomenon of "class play mobile phone" the classroom has become a social reality and the network the intersection of all kinds of information in the space field, students in such an environment, under the impact of the various kinds of information, mood is easy to become impetuous. In this, after being forced to ban measures external information into do not come, the classroom is changed back into a separate space, restore its function, students can concentrate, classroom interaction with teachers. So, this kind of shield blocks impetuosity, leaving silence.

According to the report, the jammer blocks signals only in the classroom. In order to ensure that does not affect the students health, the school attaches great importance to the quality of our products and buy high quality, adjustable range of mobile phone shielding device, a lot of schools, the examination room has been in use the jammer-buy.com store of qualified products. The management of the school is serious and responsible to the students.

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