Can smartphone not be blocked by jammers?

Admin 2018-06-01 Smartphone Jammers Signal

Here's a systematic answer to some of the questions your client asked you the other day. First of all, can a smartphone be immune from the interference of a cell phone blocker? Many customers feedback said they wanted to stop in any specific environment of the use of mobile phones, and worried about the risk because the problem of strong and smart phones won't stop, this is completely unnecessary, mobile intelligent does not mean that it can use unique signal frequency band, just in the hardware and software aspects of the function of the machine more diversified, but still uses the communications network band is the same with other mobile phone. The answer is yes, the smartphone is to use common signal frequency, to cell phone will not be interference, unless you use these types of signal frequency spectrum, but it does not appear to have the technology.

So, you don't have to worry about after open mobile phone signal blocking device and mobile phone can normal use, you don't have to worry about privacy theft from the phones, mobile phone can't connect to the Internet, can't be confidential data transmission, the smartphone is no exception.

For many parents worry children addicted smartphone game, or a mobile phone network, today we shop for you recommend the two desktop device, powerful mobile phone jammers to block all mobile signal frequency band, is the best tool to ban cell phone access to the Internet, and the shape of the table for family use is very convenient, the power size and the material is the best on the market at present. It has become an important tool for the library keep quiet.

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