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Portable cell phone jammers can ensure the safety of the office business meeting.

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How to ensure the security of secret office conversations

Admin 2018-07-06 cell phone

With the development of all kinds of business activities, the security of business negotiation is very important, especially the confidentiality of meeting content. Therefore, the security of the office has attracted people's attention, how to ensure security? Don't worry too much, because you can buy your cell phone jammer from here.

We know very well that there are many specialized VCRS on the market that are effective and, most importantly, invisible. However, whenever we find ourselves in this very thin, the existence of the digital credit card in the shape of a digital recorder, we always, to the best Italian and foreign monitoring institutions and survey recommend it. Because rec-card not only has the aesthetics of the tasks entrusted to it, but also the ability to start high-quality recording, thanks to the many interesting features we'll list below.

We just looking forward to you, the micro manager has been proven in not trusted staff member or members, or found betrayal of husband and wife is very effective, the most common is consumption within the walls of the office. However, its application in the field of audio monitoring is almost endless. Also don't need to keep only you or someone else's desk looks fantastic: the REC CARD project, even in your wallet or fines in the folder page, because it has a microphone, can capture any type of sound, and adapt to all kinds of recorded audio signal. But more than that.

Think it has a built-in lithium battery that allows you to power the device for up to 35 hours in recording mode, with a standby time of 150 hours! It also has a high level of protection for recorded files, thanks to cryptographic systems and specific readers that connect to PCS via USB ports. Quietly to join us, and even can be recorded in the acoustic mode (VAS), and use the programming timer automatically start recording in advance, you'll find that your hands have no a complete recording system can be the envy of other equipment is more luxuriant and cumbersome. Also, it's easy to activate: just touch the card with two fingers to start recording, and the flashing red LED (which can be deactivated if needed) warns you that the recording mode is active. In short, if for some unfortunate reason rec-card still doesn't exist, then it's appropriate to invent it!