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August jammers sales diary -

Admin 2018-08-16 jammers

Signal jammers are very popular in every country, and the United States as the world's economic power, the demand for jamming devices such as mobile phone jammers is more big, the jammer-buy a signal shielding instrument professional manufacture and sale of shops, mainly for the us market, American each big industry to provide security and protection measures, the following is our shop in August sales of diary, which records about America's most popular signal interference device and other related matters.

A handheld 8 antenna multiband signal jammer since entering the market will occupy the sales champion title, it may interfere with almost all of the mobile phone signal, in addition, also interfere with the wireless wifi, GPS satellite signal, lojack tracking signal, with a strong power and interference radius, interference radius can be up to 30 meters, it is so popular is that it has more powerful main function, multiband signal interference is people's first choice, if you like such a product, please click on the page on the left side of the products to buy, free shipping, quality assurance is a year you can enjoy the basic service.

Handheld jammer is more popular than desktop, because they are convenient for people to carry, can be used anywhere, you just need to give it a full charge, and we shop in order to let the customer can more convenient to use, we provide a car charger, it can ensure that your jammer anywhere, any local charge provides the cigarette lighter socket, continuous disturbance signal.

In addition to this most powerful cell phone jammer device, a more popular with the American market is 4 antenna handheld jammer, you can see in our shop has two kinds of color choice, and the modelling of gold is more popular, interfere with the radius can be up to 15 meters, it is enough to protect your privacy, shielding the corresponding network signal, sell for $139, it is worth it.

Of course, if you need to use in a larger place, the scope of the interference is stronger and don't worry about the problem of power supply, then the desktop signal jammer is a very good choice, price interference with a handheld device, it depends on what you need to buy fashion, but we promise that we will provide higher quality equipment, you may rest assured to buy.