Can cell phone signal jammers solve of children's addictions?


It is well known that smart phone has developed rapidly, with the development of science and technology, mobile phone has a great improvement on the function, but mobile phone manufacturer, and quick development that created mobile phone price is cheap, so now you can use the low price to buy a fully functional phone. So cell phones are very common, every family has a cell phone, and almost everyone has one, or more.Cell phone jammer let your child grow up in a good environment.

Thanks to the development of mobile Internet, the Internet has been developing rapidly in recent years, and it has a great impact on both PC and mobile phones. It is precisely because of this that the game industry has risen rapidly to become the most profitable and popular industry in the world today. The game takes the virtual form, lets the player experience various situation. Many young people like to play games, and some are interested in games related industries. This is excellent.

But things are not as good, we want to present many children use the devices in the home, the computer or mobile phone, they indulge themselves in games, unable to extricate themselves, we know that children's self-control is very poor, without the discipline of the adults, it is easy to get stuck here, in the virtual world, don't want to go out. Always likes to think of yourself as a character in the game, have been reported teenagers addicted to online games, continuous play games all night, were ultimately killed, and cause some other problems such as. Children are addicted to games and cannot extricate themselves, which greatly affects their study and their rest. What's more, the game make them from the real world, indulge in the virtual world, it's bad for their health of body and mind is very, so many parents worry about things in the label for the child. But they are busy working during the day and don't have much time to discipline at night, which makes it easier for children to get caught up in it. Parents collectively call for any good solutions to the problem of children's addictions.

What do you think is the best way to solve the problem of children's addictions? Of course, you think of it, other people will think of it, but what is the unique and effective way to do it?

I think the main reason for the children's addiction to the game is that the family economy is better, and the conditions will become addicted to the game. So on the one hand, you can start by playing games on the device, and you can put your computer in the code, so that the child can't open it. You can also add locks to your phone, not to buy a phone for your child, or to use someone else's phone. Of course, a lot of people do this, but it doesn't work very well. On the other hand, the use of these devices requires the network, which can be taken from the perspective of the network, and cutting off the network will be the key to solve this problem. For the use of mobile phones, we can use the cell phone jammer, which can block the phone signal and make the phone disconnected from the network. You can open it up when he's addicted and make him feel bored with the game. The use of a computer is nothing more than a wifi network. You can use a wifi jammer to block the wifi signal, and the computer can't connect to the network. Of course, the current phone jammer in the market can interfere with both the signal and the wifi signal, so you don't have to buy two jamming devices.

But in addition to the home of the equipment, but also the Internet cafes in the street, you will be to the Internet cafe play games, or to the neighbor to play, this is you can't control, but for the behavior of Internet cafes, you can restrict his pocket money, that he had no money on the Internet, the problem can be solved.

In addition, they still have what way to achieve the purpose of playing a game? What good solutions do you have for these actions?