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IOS 11 systems consume high power and high risk viruses


The iphone has always been known for its smooth running speed and security, but is that really the case? Is there any flaw in apple's iOS system? According to the survey, apple mobile phone is not as perfect as I thought, there are many problems, it is particularly fast power consumption problems, second is security issues, safety performance is susceptible to high-risk virus, which is apple mobile phone users don't know, but can use a cell phone jammer kit for mobile security escort is you need to know.

For consumers, and major upgrade of the software system is exciting, because it can bring a lot of new features, but often may with some initial problems, such as apple's recent push iOS 11, many users after upgrading to the new system has met all sorts of problems.

IOS 11 system seems to be one of the most common problem associated with power consumption, this can be attributed to the Spotlight search functions, such as it needs to be indexed equipment business all files, or to readjust equipment battery charging system, this process usually takes a few times will end after charging.

Normally, the early troubles of the new system will soon disappear, but according to the foreign media PhoneArena, many of the users who have upgraded iOS 11 still face the problem of consuming too much power on the iPhone.

IOS 11 has an average of 96 minutes to run from full to full power, compared with 240 minutes for iOS 11. Of course, this is a rough generalization, and the results of each device will vary. But statistics show that the battery consumption of iOS 11 seems to be a real problem for apple.

The iOS system has a higher security level than Android, which is more vulnerable to hackers than Android. But is that really the case? Specialized is engaged in the source code security vulnerability scanning Checkmarx Israel company apple's App Store according to the latest security report may not be as safe, consumers think especially pointed out that compared to the Android iOS App has a higher risk of infection is serious or high-risk security vulnerabilities.

By comparing the data,IOS and Android system security index contrast.Let you know more about android and iOS phones.

"The vulnerability of iOS, 40 percent is a serious or high-risk security vulnerability, compared to 36 percent for Android," said Amit Ashbel, product marketing manager at Checkmarx. Security researchers to include Banks, utilities, online shopping, games, and security and so on various types of hundreds of app has carried on the detailed test, the results show that even the bank application there are same mistake identity authentication and data leaks loopholes, etc. "Financial applications may have higher levels of security protection in your mind, but the fact is that they are not much different from ordinary apps," Ashbel said.