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High power wireless signal blocking device

Now in the market of the jammer not only has the characteristics of high power, and can also interfere with the function of the various signal, that is to say, you buy a multifunctional jammers can interfere with the GPS, GSM, 3G, 4G, wifi signals, such as some interference at the same time, some want you to choose our interference signals. Are you looking for a high power wireless signal blocking device? Here are a variety of jammers for you to provide security for your life.They can be installed on the wall, placed in the corner, won't take up much of your space, can realize its due function.These high power signal jammer can be used in a wide range of areas, especially for adjustable design. The maximum interference radius can be up to 120 meters, and one of the main jamming devices in the prison.

most power blocking device

5 Bands Desktop High Power Mobile Phone Wireless Signal Blocking Device


Wireless signal jammer

Waterproof Mobile Cell Phone Signal Jammer Wireless Signal Blocking For School


Phone blocker jammer

High End Powerful Photo Frame Hidden Phone GSM 3G 4G Jammer


powerful blocker jamming

Large Range Environmental Protection Cassette High Power Phone WIFI GPS Blocker


These high power wireless signal intercept equipment with large size, can be a variety of signal interference interference, is widely used in some high confidentiality, and larger area, such as movie theaters, schools, prisons, library and some jammers are needed. Use them to keep your information secure, keep the library quiet, and make students more focused on their studies and not addicted to mobile games. Have you ever been to a place where you have a powerful wireless signal interceptor?

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