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2.4GHZ and 5GHZ frequency band interference and anti-interference


We know that the commonly used wireless equipment mainly USES is 2.4 GHZ frequency band, 5 GHZ frequency equipment is less, so now a lot of interference of wireless devices is main or interfere with the 2.4 GHZ frequency band signal, with the emergence of 5 GHZ band wireless devices, believe that interfere with the 5 GHZ jamming devices will follow. Learn more information about the frequency band of wireless devices, and better use wireless signal jammer to interfere with the signal frequency band.

2.4 GHz is refers to in the ISM band, was defined by the federal communications commission between 2.4 ~ 2.4835 GHz frequency, specially reserved for industrial, scientific and medical use free frequencies, there is no restriction on use. With free, you will find that the original wi-fi, bluetooth, 2.4 GHz wireless phone, or even part of the home appliances, are falls between 2.4 ~ 2.4835 GHz frequency, can be known as 2.4 GHz wireless devices.

Beam forming technology is a control array antenna by each unit of the phase and amplitude in order to form beam in space meet certain distribution characteristics, and the ability to change its scan to technology, control the formation of the beam and scan through the system, to achieve the unit phase change, so that the beam pointing, shape and number of change quickly.

In layman's terms, like the scattering light beam forming technology integrated together to form a more powerful "laser", so that we can make the wireless LAN access points more "focus", so that it can be a WiFi client receive better, provide better throughput, more coherent and avoid unnecessary interference.

The popularization and development of wireless network,family use desktop wifi phone signal jammers to make life better.

Technically, the 5GHz is also a direct sequence spread spectrum technology for wireless signal propagation, which basically inherits 2.4GHz characteristics in anti-interference technology. 5.8 GHz it has stronger anti-interference, because it is a wide frequency wireless transmission cleaner - there are only part of the high-end wireless router, high-end digital cordless phones using equipment in the not too crowded or work in a more "clean" 5 GHz band.

The use of 5GHz band wireless products can only temporarily avoid interference. With the increase of 5.8 GHz equipment, future use 5 GHz frequency band is also facing a 2.4 GHz "traffic jam", but 5 GHz also have obvious weakness is high frequency band, will be more focused on the penetrating, so if there are any wall, signal energy consumption also fastest. So 5GHz is very poor in performance. Some wireless devices automatically lower their power when the interference is serious, thus making better use of the limited number of channels.