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Anti drone jammers gun for drone flying


Drones in military use are hard to find, so a drone jammer is needed to stop them. The drone jammer gun is very convenient, the wheelbarrow is designed and powerful, which is an important tool for preventing the flying and candid shooting of drones and invasion of privacy.

Unmanned aircraft referred to as "drone", English abbreviation for "UAV", is the use of wireless remote control device and program control device of his own manipulation of unmanned aircraft, or by an on-board computer completely or intermittent operation.

The uav can be divided into military and civilian areas according to the application field. In the military aspect, drones are classified as reconnaissance aircraft and target aircraft. For civilian use, uav + industry application is the real need of uav. In aerial, agriculture, plant protection, miniature self-time, express transportation, disaster relief, observe wildlife, surveying and mapping, news reports, power monitoring infectious diseases, inspection, disaster relief, film and television filming, romantic, and so on in the field of application, greatly expand the uav itself USES, developed countries are actively expanding industry application and development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology.

In order to cope with the increasing threat of ground air defense, many advanced stealth technologies have been applied to the development of uav. First, composite materials, radar absorbing materials and low noise engines are used. As America's "teal" II unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in addition to the main girder, almost all adopt the graphite composite material, and the engine air outlet and satellite communication antenna design, made a special flight level in more than 300 meters, the human ear can't hear you; At more than 900 meters, invisible to the naked eye. The second is the use of the limited infrared reflector technology, which can be applied to the surface of the fuselage to absorb the special paint of infrared light and to inject anti-infrared radiation in the engine fuel. The third is to reduce the surface gap and reduce the radar reflector. Fourth, the charging surface coating also has the characteristics of discoloration: from the ground up, the uav has the same color as the sky; Looking down from the sky, the drone appears to be the same color as the earth.

The phenomenon of drones flying in disorder is serious, either causing some social disturbances or threatening people's lives. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) fear of attack is often happened in The world, The United States says drone strikes in somalia have killed al-shabab extremists.

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