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Mini wireless jammer shopping diary

Admin 2018-06-28 WIFI jammer

Every month there are always many customers with our consulting the related products of mini jammers, in order to better serve our customers, there will be potential customers for the majority of the product a little simple note about the mini wifi jammer.

This is a mini portable jammer, which is a better signal jammer for carrying and hiding, and easy to operate. But it provides solutions for privacy protection and anti-information infringement. This box model of mini signal jammer, we provide three types of shielding signal, including wifi, GPS, GSM +3g. First of all, for the shielding of wifi network, we control 2.4ghz. It effectively blocks wireless connections. If possible, you can buy the jammer at a lower price. Its interference radius around 10 meters, maybe we should know that the size of the interference range associated with the setting of the product itself, including its antenna number, shape, size of mini interference device, the interference range are strong enough. We also sell luxury portable jammers to disable all mobile phones in all countries. You can hide it in packages and so on and use it. For meetings, restaurants, etc., or you want to prevent others from using your phone during conversations. GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, 3G network signal.

The device is used to block all kinds of mobile phone signals from meters to hundreds of meters. It may do so in a simple way. I want to calm down and sleep quietly. An important advantage of this type of GPS jammer is that it can be delivered anywhere in a discreet manner. You can buy it in your daily life. You can carry it with you because it's small. Block all radio signals in a particular area.

There's a mini cell phone jammer that looks like a small box. It can be used for vehicles. When the battery is fully charged, it can be used for a long time. It helps focus on important things. Powerful smartphone electromagnetic shields help ensure silence around the yes. It is used in prison for security reasons. The output tunable design function is installed. It is a portable/technical type commonly used by the military. You can make sure you don't tell the company confidential information.