The contest between the jammer and the anti-jammer


ISM can install anti-interference protection system. The jamming device is a frequency jammer. A unique feature is the ability to emit powerful and persistent pulses that suppress the frequency. The GSM/GPS signal is at a certain radius, endangering some electronic equipment, such as the normal function of the satellite anti-theft device.

From these particular device, in fact, the launch of strong interference signals are not allowed to install on the vehicle security system alerts or communicate the location of the vehicle to the control center, and more generally are not allowed to connect to the phone number of the associated. In this way, cars, trucks and even families are isolated during the theft.

The interference is a slightly larger gps vehicle cell phone jammer, which can range up to tens of meters away. Even if it is forbidden to sell to the public (they can only be used for law enforcement or military purposes), it is now easy to get interference on the Internet. ISM anti-interference or anti-jamming solution is put forward, in order to deal with this phenomenon in the spread of organized crime, ISM in the solution implemented combined with satellite anti-theft system anti-interference function.

Anti interference can be in the test, in the surrounding environment, for more, in addition to the predetermined number of seconds a GPS jamming "electromagnetic radiation", its spectrum is included in the radio frequency range, completely stop the vehicle. Blocks cannot be disabled in any way if they are not remote. It is very small and can be easily concealed within a vehicle or family.

The anti-interference pattern provides two units:

Main unit: connect to own alarm system;

Satellite dialer: installed in different places.

Anti-interference - the main unit of the unit performs all functions of the ordinary dialer (that is, the communication with the relevant number), but in addition, the satellite makes a free call during the preset time interval. The situation is considered normal before the satellite receives a call from the host. Within the time interval is established beforehand, communication is lost or the client did not answer the phone as the warning condition: to test the integrity of system, satellite equipment to make some ring main body, and then wait for the call from the latter.

Anti-jamming - satellite dialer

If the principal call in a minute, the system back into normal operation, otherwise an alarm: satellite equipment to activate a relay output, can give a few local signal (activate another alarm or alert to security operations center), and to make calls and send alarm SMS to the phone number of the previously stored.

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The range of anti - jamming equipment

The satellite unit recognizes only the major calls, because during the installation phase, the number of the satellite unit is set in the special list of the emergency contact person. The device was calibrated to detect signals from "pollution sources" 10 to 15 metres away. As a result of anti-interference, even if the alarm system and the GSM equipment connected to it are not used or disturbed, the alarm signal will reach the interested parties.