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5G and WiFi Internet development in the future


Wireless network is the advanced wireless network technology, is very popular, the use of widely prevalent in the major field of life, is life of leisure is very convenient for people to office. But its security has long been criticized.Wifi alliance announced a new generation of WPA3 safety standards.

Human society is entering the Internet era of all things, don't not letter, until today in development of the Internet, developed from the interpersonal connection and communication links to people and things and the communication and continue to develop extends to the content and content of connection and communication. First is the basis of all things connected IOT IOT (Internet of things), Internet of things have long been put forward, but it was not until last year began to have broke out, most often seen in 2017 technology media of a words be: "5 g, the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, and a new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence is growing rapidly...", so, the Internet of things is associated with cloud computing, big data and jointly developed an artificial intelligence technology. In the past, our phones and our computer networking seemed to be commonplace, and now we see devices that are connected to the Internet, such as smart home appliances. According to analysis company data, by 2020 the number of devices connected to the global Internet of things will reach 30 billion, so the future world will be an interconnected world.

5G is the fifth generation of mobile technology, which is the extension of 4G, and it is built for the control and manipulation of the device. 5G is much faster than 4G, and in theory you can download more than 30 movies in a second.

Driven by new technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and 5G, human society will enter into a smart society with the perception of everything, the interconnection of everything and the intelligence of all things. Connected to 5G, all mobile outdoor devices can be smart, not just mobile phones. Autonomous driving, in particular, can be used to exceed the level of human intelligence in 5G, so autonomous driving is basically entering the commercial phase in 2020. Then cars, wearable devices and other devices can be as smart as smartphones.

On the other hand, indoor devices also need to be connected via WiFi. Many hardware and equipment factory are the WiFi module is added to their own devices in thought. The competition has heated up, because of the large market demand, price of Wifi module is getting cheaper. It makes it easier to make devices smarter.

In fact, connect the device on the 5 g and WiFi is just a start, the most important thing is connected to the 5 g and WiFi devices will generate a steady stream of data stream, the data and through cloud computing and big data feedback to the terminal, in order to better improve the user experience, so, cloud computing and big data is the real super market.

In entering 5 g and wifi Internet era of all things, it bring us will be an unprecedented experience, life and work will become more intelligent, will bring to our life is very high. So will this network era bring us some problems? For example, the impact of these network security on us, the other problems that the network brings to us, the excessive use of these networks and the rest of our bodies and so on. For network signal, we have the signal jammer, for 5g network, there will be 5g jammers, for wifi network, has been on the market at present the portable wifi jammer, these devices are in order to solve these problems, you can easily buy here.