6 Bands Cell Phone Blockers Powerful Block Signal

6 antenna will not affect its carrying GPS jammer, instead of it on the interference signal type and the interference range is more powerful, to buy 6 antenna signal jammer can almost meet the demand you need shielding signal, for basic GSM signal type mobile phone, 3 g, 4 g block, it is perfect. In addition, for home wifi, the shielding of public wifi also has a powerful shielding scope.Here in this category we present some jammers with 6 antennas.They can all block 6 frequencies at the same time.And what frequencies they can block are decided by you.6 antenna cellular phone jammer, just as its name implies is to design the 6 antenna, can have a variety of interference signal, you can choose what you want to interference signal, they have the same desktop and portable design, also very convenient for us to use, can to our home and travel are important tools.

Desktop GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI UHF VHF Signal Frequency Jammer

6 antenna desktop fashion mobile GPSwifi signal jammer, the interference radius can reach 40 meters, used in your home and office and other areas.

Technical Specs: Radius:40m Weight:3kg Size:360(L)×180(W)×60(H)mm Warranty:One Year

$379.49 $779.59

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We usually see a signal wifi jammer device will have a variety of categories, here to provide you with classified according to the number of antennas, find what you want to buy the number of antenna jammer to buy, more convenient for you.

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cheap cell phone jammer have a variety of functions, waterproof design, and special for cars, for home, office and school and other places.The intercept GPS tracker uses a handheld GPS jammer.The cinema use a desktop wifi jammer to intercept cell phone signals, which is a great way to avoid talking loudly about the experience of watching movies.gsm signal blocker is a type of cell phone jammer. It interferes with GSM signal because it has very difficult to be disturbed.