1-100 Meters Drone Jammers Protect Your Privacy

People in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is by remote control equipment of the machine, that can reach their own limbs, to explore and observation, for surveillance and candid is very easy, it will let us very worried, using drones jammer will be able to protect our privacy.In the face of the very popular drones, having a drone jammer is an important measure to protect your territory.For our civilian drones, the 100-meter jamming radius of the drone can be satisfied, and it can shoot down the drones so that our lives will not be disturbed by drones.

Desktop Drone Blocker Jammer Blocking WIFI 2.4G GPS 5.8GHz

8 bands high power desktop drone jammer can disable the small UAV,stop drone candid and monitoring,protect your privacy and the jamming radius up to 35m.Excellent heat dissipation to ensure the duration of use.

Technical Specs: Weight:4kg Size:395 x 238 x 60mm Warranty:One Year

$965.89 $1889.59

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With the rapid development and popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles, it is your wise choice to have a drone jammer in advance.

1-100 meters   100-500 meters  more than 500 meters

Tracking in our life, you may not have met, but it is real, in order to avoid the tracking, we must first understand the tracking technology, for GPS tracking, we can use the GPS jammers, for lojack tracking, lojack jammer is your choice.

1-20 meters    20-50 meters   50-100 meters

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