High Power Desktop 100-500 Meters Drone Jammer

Unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) are the most widely used words in today's technology era. Unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) and military applications (uav) are all applications of uav development. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in use in our personal and not too much, more is in the military, and other applications, we usually use are the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) remote control toy plane, but with the development of science and technology, they configure the camera, it is convenient for aerial fans. These drones can be used to spy on your privacy or to spy on your privacy, so it is necessary to use a drone jammer to protect your privacy.

6 Bands High Quality Drone Jamming Device WIFI GPS 5.8GHz Blocker

With jamming radius up to 500m,the drone jammer can block most UAVs effectively.It can be your best choice if you do not need more powerful drone killers.

Technical Specs: Radius:30-500m Output Power:88W Weight:10kg Size:450 x 190 x 60mm Warranty:One Year

$3489.48 $5660.59

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We can use a small drone jammer for fear that drones will steal our privacy. The prison is concerned that unmanned aerial vehicles will be transported and unmanned aerial vehicles will be banned.

1-100 meters   100-500 meters  more than 500 meters