More than 500 Meters Drone Jammers

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) interference appliance has powerful functions, interference of radius is great, can be shot down an enemy spy machine, to protect the safety of military bases, of which a gun shape design, a adopts the design of the trolley, although with the modelling of heavy, but it is very easy to use, it is important to unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to prevent outside the no-fly zone.

High Power Trolley Box UAV Jammer Directional Antenna Drone Blocker Gun

The high power drone jammer with a trolley box design is very easy to carry.Equipped with directional gun antenna,it can work effectively.

Technical Specs: Radius:500-1000m Output Power:120W Weight:19kg Size:510x470x300 mm Warranty:One Year

$12899.89 $16899.99

High End Waterproof Powerful UAV Signal Jammer Blocker

The drone RF jammer is so powerful that it has a wide jamming radius and can interfere any UAV which guarantee the safety of your privacy from the spying fo the drones.Moreover,it is waterproof with a handle.

Technical Specs: Radius:500-1700m Output Power:500W Weight:19kg Size:510x470x300 mm Warranty:One Year

$22750.99 $29750.99