More than 500 Meters Drone Jammers

High Power Trolley Box UAV Counter System with Directional Antenna

The high power drone jammer with a trolley box design is very easy to carry.Equipped with directional gun antenna,it can work effectively.

Technical Specs: Radius:500-1000m Output Power:120W Weight:19kg Size:510x470x300 mm Warranty:One Year


Portable Waterproof Drone Jammer High Power UAV Blocker

The drone jammer is so powerful that it has a wide jamming radius and can interfere any UAV which guarantee the safety of your privacy from the spying fo the drones.Moreover,it is waterproof with a handle.

Technical Specs: Radius:500-1700m Output Power:500W Weight:19kg Size:510x470x300 mm Warranty:One Year


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