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1-20 Meters GPS Jammers Protect Your Privacy

GPS jammer is we used for shielding the GPS satellite signal equipment, it has significant for GPS tracker tracking effect, use it can make you the whereabouts of not being tracked, in a safe location. It is the killer GPS tracking device, you can easily buy on the net, so many police and its criminals use, its main current is to protect privacy, should be used for the right place, do not harm others use GPS signals, because is not allowed to use in many countries.Enough around the block a radius of 20 meters signal shielding signal, protect your privacy, prevent ringtones for your interference, more important is it hand-held portable modelling for your outdoor use, and use it anytime and anywhere is convenient, because the tracker for our tracking is changed by our position change, so is the best portable GPS jammers to avoid tracking tool.

GPS signal band classification

GPS satellite signals mainly include five signal bands of GPS L1-L5, among which the civilian or commonly used ones are mainly the first three. The trackers and navigation devices all use common frequencies, so you only need to purchase the commonly used GPS scrambler. The L1 L2 L3 signal can be shielded. L1 is the most widely used and most widely used.

The usb portable GPS jammer can block the GPS L1 signals and protect you from GPS tracking.It uses a design U disk, can be used on your cell phone, computer and charge treasure interfaces.It is very small but powerful with the radius up to 5 meters.

Technical Specs: Radius:5m Weight:200g Size:68 x 20 x 10 mm Warranty:One Year
$129.99 $439.99
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The handheld GPS jammer can block the GPS L1,L2 signals and protect you from GPS positioning tracking.Its portable features make it popular among car owners for preventing car tracking.It is very small but powerful with the radius up to 15 meters.

Technical Specs: Radius:15m Weight:400g Size:95 x18x18 mm Warranty:One Year
$144.39 $398.39
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Portable GPS jammers block GPS L1,jamming radius up 15 meters enough to protect your privacy and provide car chargers, favored by drivers.An antenna and small design make it easier to use and hide.

Technical Specs: Weight:400g Size:95x18x18 mm Warranty:One Year
$138.63 $297.64
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Vehicle GPS jammer is specially designed for cars, which can block the most commonly used GPS L1, which can be easily concealed and carried, and the interference radius up 15 meters.Now buy it to keep your car away from GPS tracking devices and protect your whereabouts.

Technical Specs: Weight:360g Size:95 x45x20 mm Warranty:One Year
$137.14 $637.14
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The pocket GPS jammer is designed with a box that is easy to carry and hide. It can interfere with GSM + 3G, GPS, wifi signal, and car charger. Portable design makes it easy to hide. No matter where you want to use it, you can put it in your pocket. No professional testing tool can find it.

Technical Specs: Weight:290g Size:95x48x17 mm Warranty:One Year
$179.99 $419.99
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