30-50 Meters High Power Pocket GPS Jammer Jamming GPS Signals

Pocket GPS jammers can be placed in your pocket and are easy to carry and hide. It is convenient to use it in your car, and our sale jammers are also equipped with on-board charger, so that your equipment can be easily powered.The scope of the jammer increases with the number of antennas, and is favored by car owners.Using it, you don't have to worry about being tracked and monitored by GPS to protect your level of security.

4 Antennas GSM/3G Jammer Unadjustable WIFI GPS Signal Blocker

The jamming frequencies of the 4 bands desktop jammer includes GSM,3G and GPS.It can deal with the A-GPS tracking to protect your privacy and be used in many places with the radius up to 30 meters.

Technical Specs: Radius:30m Weight:3.2kg Size:210 x 50 x170mm Warranty:One Year


High Power Handheld GPS L1,L2 Jammer with 2 Bands

The handheld GPS jammer can block the GPS L1,L2 signals and protect you from GPS positioning tracking.It is very small but powerful with the radius up to 15 meters.

Technical Specs: Radius:15m Weight:400g Size:95 x18x18 mm Warranty:One Year

$129.99 $219.99

8 Bands Adjustable High power Jammer All Frequencies Jamming Desktop Powerful Jammer

8 bands high power jammer has wide jamming frequencies and radius up to 50 meters.Multiple masking signal combination types are available for you.

Technical Specs: Weight:3.2kg Size:140x51x350 mm Warranty:One Year

$540.49 $890.89

6 Bands Adjustable GSM/3G/4G Mobile Phone Jammer GPS WIFI UHF VHF Signal Blocker

Desktop adjustable jammer can jamming basic GSM/3G signal,other signal blocked depends on your choice. Such as WIFI,GPS,UHF/VHF.Jamming radius up 50 meters.

Technical Specs: Weight:2500g Size:140 X 51 X 305mm Warranty:One Year

$448.49 $946.89

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Buy WiFi Jammers From Here Lower Price

According to the number of antennas, the wifi jammer can be divided into the size of the interference radius, the number of antennas is related to the interference radius, and more is known. Please purchase a jammer device.

1-20 meters    20-30 meters   30-50 meters   50-70 meters

Portable GPS Signal Jammers Popular On Market

GPS jammers are widely used and can provide good anti-tracking protection for our location information, which is a GPS tracking and tracking system.

1-20 meters    20-30 meters   30-50 meters

UHF VHF Jammers Have Powerful Functions

1-50 meters    50-70 meters   70-120 meters

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