1-10 Meters Cell Phone Jammers

If you just want to interfere with your mobile phone signal, you can use this radius small jammer, or a desktop design adjustable disturbance radius of cell phone jammers, then they will be your best choice.Some people just want to block their own cell phone devices, or just want the jammer working in a small area. So if you do not need high-performance jamming device, here are the 1-10 meters phone jammers that can help you.

Cell Phone Rest Bag GSM Jamming Bag

The portable GSM jamming bag can block the cell phone signals when you put the phone in it. It can also anti-demagnetize to protect the stored data information and reduce electromagnetic field interference to avoid data loss.

Technical Specs: Weight:200g Size:130x70 mm Warranty:One Year


Cigarette GSM 3G Jammer Hidden Mobile Phone Blocker

It's very hard to be found out when you put it in the cigarette case.The small GSM 3G jammer is designed for you to block the cell phone secretly.

Technical Specs: Radius:10m Weight:400g Size:95x48x57mm Warranty:One Year


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Cell Phone Jammer

Here's a simple breakdown of the interference radius of your phone's jammer, and you can choose the phone jammer you want based on the range of distractions you need.

1-10 meters  10-15 meters  15-20 meters   20-30 meters   30-50 meters   50-70 meters    100-200 meters

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