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More Place Use These Cell Phone Jammers 30-50 Meters Jamming radius

The more powerful cell phone jammer means that it can block the type of signal and the place where it will be used. In particular, they become a necessary instrument for the need to ban the use of important large-scale activities on mobile phones. Multiple antennae, the exquisite modelling makes them become the best-selling item in the jammer market.These phone jammers in the category are all powerful with the jamming radius between 30 to 50 meters. You can see that they are desktop and have a high heat dissipation, which they can work for a long time. Suitable for the meeting room, courtyard, church and office.Interference radius is more widely used in mobile phone jammers. For large sites, the use of important secret units is very suitable.

The hidden photo-frame GSM 3G and 4G jammer which can be mounted on the wall has a noble and elegant design with jamming radius up to 50 meters.It's a perfect gadget for indoor cell phone signal jamming.

Technical Specs: Radius:50m Weight:2.5kg Size:660x460x78mmm Warranty:One Year
$948.49 $1568.49
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The high power cell jammer can block GSM,3G and 4G signals.Meanwhile with wide jamming frequencies, there are 3 configurations for you.Supports WiFi/GPS,UHF/VHF/LoJack or remote controls.

Technical Specs: Radius:50m Weight:3.2kg Size:140x51x350 mm Warranty:One Year
$620.48 $840.49
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The 8 band high power jammer jamming radius up to 50 meters. You can use a variety of masking signal combination types. Powerful functions and adjustable features, widely used in schools, offices, libraries and other large places.

$630.49 $1130.49
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6 bands desktop adjustable high power jammer can jamming basic mobile phone GSM 3G signal,other signal frequency blocked depends on your choice. Such as WIFI GPS UHF VHF. Strong jamming signal type and blocking range make it very popular for large places. Jamming radius up 50 meters.

$528.48 $946.89
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This 6 bands desktop phone signal jammer uses GSM/3G as the basic shielding signal type, and the shielding of other signals depends on your needs. The maximum interference radius can be up to 50 meters, which can be used in large places.

Technical Specs: Weight:2.7kg Size:140x50x305mm Warranty:One Year
$528.49 $1038.49
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Cell Phone Jammers Jamming Radius Sale Online

Mobile phone is our main equipment, communications and entertainment to our life and work has brought great convenience, used properly, the phone will be our life level important tool, but if use undeserved, will not only cause trouble to others, also can bring us a lot of trouble. You've heard news reports of excessive use of mobile phones to harm your eyes, and you've heard that cell phone radiation can lead to a series of health problems. To solve these problems, the cell phone jammer comes in handy.

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The progress of science and technology to our life brings a lot of new products, smart phones and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is one of the important representatives of electronic products, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for humans is a qualitative breakthrough, in real life, we can see that it is widely used. Uav aerial to us, let us see different scenery, are also likely to be candid to the people's privacy, so some people in order not to let their privacy was peeking, they will choose to use anti drone jammer, but their price is quite expensive, usually uses some villa or estate.As a communication device, mobile phones need signals to communicate in communication. With the massive increase in personal information disclosure, the harassment of phone calls has become a major nuisance. To intercept the phone call, many people choose to use the cellphone jammer as an interceptor.We often see the thief crime news, using remote control jammer itself remote jammers for us is a very important role, but will always be criminals in the wrong places.Buy GSM jammer to jam GSM signals is also a way of intercepting harassing phone calls.