Cell phone signal jammers maximum jamming radius 20-30 Meters best sale

The interference of cell phone jammer radius range between 20-30 meters radius on the market at present is the most common interference, it can meet almost all the places to use, all type of mobile phone signal shielding the scope, prohibit the use of mobile phones within its scope of work. If you don't want to use your phone in your home or office, you can buy a desktop phone jammer from here.Here show the mobile phone jammers with 20-30 meters working radius range in jammer-buy.com. They are desktop and have a high heat dissipation so they can work for a long time.Can be used for the meeting room, office or a small theater.The interference of 20 to 30 meters radius can usually be satisfied we need interference, the scope of our home, classrooms, offices are to meet, this is our common need of the best interference range. Choose a purchase that you like.

8 Bands Adjustable 4G 3G 2G GPS WiFi Signal Jammers

This is a new 8-antenna desktop high-power mobile phone jammer that can interfere with 2g/3g/4g, wifi and GPS frequencies. It is a full-band signal jammer with a maximum interference radius of 40 meters.

Technical Specs: Weight: 3000g Size: 355 x 135 x 50mm Warranty:One Year

$395.69 $732.76

Handheld 2G 3G 4G cell phone jammer WIFI GPS LOJACK

The 8-antenna portable cell phone jammer has an interference radius of up to 20 meters, which is more popular than the same antenna handheld interference device.

Technical Specs: Weight:800g Size:132x80x41mm Warranty:One Year

$308.89 $638.89

Desktop LoJack Blocker UHF VHF WIFI GPS Cell Phone Jammers

High power signal jammers can block a variety of signal types, including all cell phone signals, which can be used in all large places with a radius of 70 meters.

Technical Specs: Weight:6kg Size:330x 238 x 60mm Warranty:One Year

$718.75 $1560.59

4 Antennas GSM 3G Jammer WIFI GPS Signal Blocker Unadjustable

The jamming frequencies of the 4 bands desktop jammer includes GSM,3G and GPS.It can deal with the A-GPS tracking to protect your privacy and be used in many places with the radius up to 30 meters.

Technical Specs: Radius:30m Weight:3.2kg Size:210 x 50 x170mm Warranty:One Year

$213.89 $285.89

5 Bands Desk GPS WiFi Blocker GSM 3G 4G Jammer Unadjustable

This desktop wireless jammer can be used for WIFI,GSM,DCS,CDMA and 3G jamming.Of course ,there are other choices for you since it has 5 bands.With the high heat dissipation aluminum shell,it can work for a long time.

Technical Specs: Weight:2100g Size:210 X 195 X 53 mm Warranty:One Year

$305.89 $539.89

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Cell Phone Jammers Jamming Radius Classification

Depending on the use of the site, the type of mobile phone jammer is also different, and the radius of interference is sufficient to satisfy almost all places.Phone interference is used in school, can stop the student class play mobile phone, don't listen to your lectures, can also prevent students cheating in the use of mobile phones, for students' learning and health are very good, I suggest that schools should be installed in the uniformly cell phone jammers.

1-10 meters  10-15 meters  15-20 meters   20-30 meters   30-50 meters   50-70 meters    100-200 meters

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Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has been used in the military in world war ii was put forward, with the development of science and technology, up to now, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has become an important air power, military uavs are excellent for army combat equipment, but the enemy forces, if there is no uav jammers, then they will face a severe losses.Communication is important for modern society, and if you don't want someone to be connected, you can use a portable cell phone jammer to block your phone's signal.Remote control is the items we all need to use many devices, remote control to control the corresponding items because it can control spectrum, to make remote control failure, have to interfere with its spectrum, also is to use remote control jammer.GSM jamming device that interfere with GSM signals provide you with a variety of styles and powerful functions.