10-15 Meters Cell Phone Jammers

Phone ringing noise problem widely exists in various countries and regions around the world, for cell phone rings, need to rely on civilization consciousness of the individual, but does not seem to make it stop in a quiet place. Answer to the question of the mobile phone ringing noise can choose certain measures to solve a lot of public places, compulsory measures will always be some effect, install mobile phone jammers prevent students cell phone use is the most typical representative.To jam cell phone signals, buy a phone jammer at jammer-buy. They're all cell phone signals, harassing phone calls.Here you can see cell phone jammer kit with a working radius of 10-15 meters. Of course, the effective radius range depends on the local signal strength. They are small, easy to carry and very suitable for personal use.

Handheld Pocket GPS Tracking Jammer GSM WiFi 3G Signal Blocker

The pocket GPS jammer is designed with a box that is easy to carry and hide. It can interfere with GSM + 3G, GPS, wifi signal, and car charger. Portable design makes it easy to hide. No matter where you want to use it, you can put it in your pocket. No professional testing tool can find it.

Technical Specs: Weight:290g Size:95x48x17 mm Warranty:One Year

$89.99 $189.99

3 Bands Portable Compact Light Mini GSM 3G Jammer GPS Blocker

The high quality GSM/3G mobile phone jammer, GPS signal, GPS tracking device and A-GPS tracker. It is very convenient and flexible, with a radius of up to 15 meters. It is popular among people who need to stop mobile phone signals from being tracked.

Technical Specs: Weight:400g Size:113×60×30mm Warranty:One Year

$73.09 $169.69

Portable Mobile GSM 3G Phone Jammer Blocking WIFI GPS Frequency

The high power 4 antenna handheld mobile phone gsm 3g signal jammer is a good tool, it has a variety of shielding signal type combination, with light weight, small volume, easy to carry, easy to hide and other characteristics, it is very popular on the market at present the jammer device. The radius is 15 meters. It's enough to stop the phone around you and have a good environment around you.

Technical Specs: Weight:500g Size:110x62x30mm Warranty:One Year

$169.99 $319.69

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Cell Phone Jammers

Of mobile phone signal shielding scope is determined according to different places, such as schools and places of large need of cell phone jammers shielding is wider, and ordinary families and individuals to use mobile phones to block device does not need too big range, suitable for use, make sure that is not affected by cell phone rings.Here's a simple breakdown of the interference radius of your phone's jammer, and you can choose the phone jammer you want based on the range of distractions you need.

1-10 meters  10-15 meters  15-20 meters   20-30 meters   30-50 meters   50-70 meters    100-200 meters

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