100-200 Meters Jamming Radius Cell Phone Signal Jammers

If you want to find mobile phone jammers for big scale places such as large meeting room, theater, church, classroom, jail etc.Here the high power cell phone jammers in the category are your choice.This kind of mobile phone jammer adopts the desktop design, has the cooling fan, for the long time use and the interference range is very good characteristic.They need this kind of cell phone signal jammer in some very important units, and they are very attractive in appearance and antenna design.

High Power Signal Jammer Cell Phone UHF VHF 315 LoJack 6 Bands

As a high power signal jammers with 6 antennas, it supports wide jamming frequencies including phone signals,WIFI,GPS,UHF,VHF and LoJack with jamming radius up to 120 meters.

Technical Specs: Radius:120m Output Power:88W Weight:10kg Size:450 x 190 x 60mm Warranty:One Year


Waterproof One-piece Cell Phone Signal Jammer WIFI Blocker

The One-piece waterproof cell phone blocker is mainly designed for the prison,factory,church,court and troop battalion etc.Both indoors and outdoors are OK with the radius up to 100 meters

Technical Specs: Radius:100m Output Power:40W Weight:6kg Size:400x300x135 mm Warranty:One Year


Five-Channel Cassette High Power Mobile Phone Jammer WIFI GPS Blocker

With the radius up to 150 meters,the high power jammer is specially designed for the large-scale situations.The product is environmentally friendly and it can block 5 different frequencies at the same time effectively.

Technical Specs: Radius:150m Output Power:216W Weight:8500g Size:350 x 272 x 150mm Warranty:One Year


GPS/WIFI/GSM/3G/4G Jammer High Power Jamming Device

This all-in-one adjustable jammer can block all cell phone frequencies and the wireless spying probe in the examination.You can use in the court,meeting,classroom and other situations if you need.

Technical Specs: Radius:100m Output Power:40W Weight: 5.5kg Size:275×188×323mm Warranty:One Year


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