10-15 Meters Cell Phone Jammers

Here you can see mobile phone jammers with a working radius of 10-15 meters. Of course, the effective radius range depends on the local signal strength. They are small, easy to carry and very suitable for personal use.

Pocket GPS Jammer and Handheld GSM 3G WiFi Signal Blocker

This pocket-sized jammer is very convenient for you to carry and use just like a telephone with a built-in battery.The signals it can block include GPS,WiFi,GSM and 3G,and you can choose one of them.

Technical Specs: Radius:10m Weight:290g Size:95x48x17 mm Warranty:One Year

$99.99 $189.99

3 Bands Small Light Weight Portable Handheld GSM 3G Jammer GPS Blocker

The small portable jammer for GSM ,GPS is your choice against the GPS tracking devices and A-GPS trackers.It is very convenient and flexible for small size and lightweight with the radius up to 15 meters.Also cheap and cost low.

Technical Specs: Radius:15m Weight:400g Size:113×60×30mm Warranty:One Year

$97.99 $169.69

4 Bands Cheap Handheld Cell Phone Blocker,GPS WIFI Jamming

The handheld phone jammer is very popular in the present. It is cheap with the lightweight and small size,jamming radius up to 15 meters.

Technical Specs: Radius:15m Weight:500g Size:110x62x30mm Warranty:One Year

$166.62 $319.69

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