15-20 Meters Cell Phone Jammer For Sale

For our family and personal cell phone jammers, the maximum radius of interference is between 15 and 20 meters, which is enough to protect your privacy and keep you away from ringtones. Buying the jammer is your first step in trying to get rid of the hassle of harassing phone calls and protecting your phone's privacy.Handheld cell phone jammer multi-antenna design is a very popular model because of its portable characteristics and is used in various fields. This is very good for the development of mobile signal jammers.The mobile cell phone signal jammers here have jamming radius about 15-20 meters which are all portable and can block cell phone signals like GSM 3G and 4G.

Portable Mobile GSM 3G Phone Jammer Blocking WIFI GPS Frequency

The high power 4 antenna handheld mobile phone gsm 3g signal jammer is a good tool, it has a variety of shielding signal type combination, with light weight, small volume, easy to carry, easy to hide and other characteristics, it is very popular on the market at present the jammer device. The radius is 15 meters. It's enough to stop the phone around you and have a good environment around you.

Technical Specs: Weight:500g Size:110x62x30mm Warranty:One Year

$169.99 $319.69

Handheld GPS WIFI GSM 3G 4G LTE Mobile Phone Frequency Jammer

6 antennas handheld cell phone jammer to interfere with the basic signal type GSM/3G, other signal types blocked depend on your needs.Portable and fashionable design deep consumer's favor, powerful function even gives it to provide better power.

Technical Specs: Weight:750g Size:112 X 62 X 32 mm Warranty:One Year

$309.99 $739.99

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Cell phone jammers are classified according to the interference radius

Signal jammer, we the most common is the mobile phone shielding cell phone signal jammer device, it can use a mobile phone signal shielding our daily, ban on cell phone use, it can have very obvious effect.Mobile phones, as very important devices, are likely to be our most troublesome devices, or are being tracked, and the mobile jammers are created to solve these problems.The cell phone jammer can be divided into the following items according to the interference radius classification, you can see clearly.

1-10 meters  10-15 meters  15-20 meters   20-30 meters   30-50 meters   50-70 meters    100-200 meters

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The most popular with users to search labels, targeted choose to buy, to provide you with convenient buying guide, easy to get their own equipment, mobile phone jammers so what is the most popular search tag today?directional drone jammer are an important part of the solution to the threat that drones pose to you in the air.Cheap cell phone jammer are what we need to block cell phone signals and solve loud phone calls.The remote control jammer is the jamming device for the remote signal frequency band, which makes your remote control malfunction and can't operate correctly.gsm jammer sale with lower price high quality here.