High Power Signal Jammer for Sale Buy Cheap Powerful Blocker

The jammers in the category are all high power jammers that we have for you.They have wide jamming radius one of them up to 150 meters.The high power blockers are mainly used in the large-scale places like school examination room,museum,factory,governmental buildings and so on to stop the cell phone usage,cheating in the exam or for the security improvement.


And the power of the jammer is not only related to the radius it can interfere with, but also to ensure its effectiveness.Because the higher the power, the higher the intensity of the transmitted signal.So that it can disturb the signals which we want availably.To ensure the validity of the scope,the high power blocker is your best choice.

High Power Jammer
High Power Signal Jammer Cell Phone UHF VHF 315 LoJack 6 Bands
Portable Waterproof Drone Jammer High Power UAV Blocker
High Power Signal Jammer 433 315 LoJack Blocker

    High Power Signal Jammer 433 315 LoJack Blocker


    With 14 antennas,the signal jammer is more powerful and can block more frequencies.Not only jamming all the mobile phone signals,it also supports LoJack GPS WIFI UHF VHF 433 and 315MHz.

100-2700MHz All Frequency Jamming Device 16 Antennas
Powerful Cell Phone Jammer UHF VHF Blocker and LoJack/433/315
8 Bands Adjustable High power Jammer All Frequencies Jamming Desktop Powerful Jammer
GPS/WIFI/GSM/3G/4G Jammer High Power Jamming Device

    GPS/WIFI/GSM/3G/4G Jammer High Power Jamming Device


    This all-in-one adjustable jammer can block all cell phone frequencies and the wireless spying probe in the examination.In China,it is used in the college entrance examination designated by  National Education Department to avoid cheating.Of course more than that ,you can use in the court,meeting and other situations if you need.

Five-Channel Cassette High Power Mobile Phone Jammer WIFI GPS Blocker