Jammer for Sale,Handheld and Desktop Blocker Available

Nowadays the eletronic devices are widespread in our life like cell phone,car navigators and so on. While enjoying the convenience they bring for us , they also pose a threat to our privacy.Thus here we provide you the various jammers to meet your requirements.If you worry about someone tracking your car and exposure to your whereabouts,the GPS blocker  is for you.It can help you deal with the GPS tracking devices.And if you are afraid of your cell phone being tapped by intercepting your mobile phone signals,you can choose the cell phone jammer to protect your confidential informations.In additional to that,the WiFi  blocker  here can protect you from indoor tracking  like eavesdropping, peeping with hidden camera which violate your privacy right.

Portable GSM 3G 4G Cell Phone Jammer GPS Jamming Devices High Power WiFi Blocker 5 Bands
Portable GSM 3G Jammer and WIFI GPS Blocker for Sale
Cell Phone Jammer 3.5G Blocker Jamming WiFi GPS UHF VHF 315MHz Signals
6 Bands Silvery Universal Desktop GSM 3G 4G Jammers

    6 Bands Silvery Universal Desktop GSM 3G 4G Jammers


    Having a radius up to 40 meters,the silvery  jammers can block GSM,3G and 4G signals.You can also choose to jam the GPS/WiFi or UHF/VHF instead of 4G.And it is so durable due to its high heat dissipation.

GPS WiFi Signal Blocker Unadjustable GSM 3G 4G UHF/VHF Mobile Phone Jammer
Adjustable Cell Phone Jammer for GSM/3G/4G Signals Portable WIFI/GPS Blocker
GPS/WIFI/GSM/3G/4G Jammer High Power Jamming Device

    GPS/WIFI/GSM/3G/4G Jammer High Power Jamming Device


    This all-in-one adjustable jammer can block all cell phone frequencies and the wireless spying probe in the examination.In China,it is used in the college entrance examination designated by  National Education Department to avoid cheating.Of course more than that ,you can use in the court,meeting and other situations if you need.

6 Bands Handheld Cell Phone Signal Jammer 3G 4G LTE Frequency Blocker