Jammers Filter by Radius Range

Here in jammer-buy.com the jammers are filtered by different working radius.In general,the more powerful the jammer is,the bigger working radius it has.And please note that the jamming radius of jammer varies from different local signal strength.The actual classifications are as follow:

Cell Phone Jammers

1-10 meters  10-15 meters  15-20 meters   20-30 meters   30-50 meters   50-70 meters    100-200 meters

WiFi Jammers

1-20 meters    20-30 meters   30-50 meters   50-70 meters

GPS Signal Jammers

1-20 meters    20-30 meters   30-50 meters

UHF VHF Jammers

1-50 meters    50-70 meters   70-120 meters

Drone Jammers

1-100 meters   100-500 meters  more than 500 meters

LoJack Jammers

1-20 meters    20-50 meters   50-100 meters

Waterproof One-piece Cell Phone Signal Jammer WIFI Blocker

The One-piece waterproof cell phone blocker is mainly designed for the prison,factory,church,court and troop battalion etc.Both indoors and outdoors are OK with the radius up to 100 meters

Technical Specs: Radius:100m Output Power:40W Weight:6kg Size:400x300x135 mm Warranty:One Year


Portable Waterproof Drone Jammer High Power UAV Blocker

The drone jammer is so powerful that it has a wide jamming radius and can interfere any UAV which guarantee the safety of your privacy from the spying fo the drones.Moreover,it is waterproof with a handle.

Technical Specs: Radius:500-1700m Output Power:500W Weight:19kg Size:510x470x300 mm Warranty:One Year


Black Desktop Drone Jammer UAV Blocker Jamming WIFI GPS 5GHz

The 8 bands desktop drone jammer can disable the small UAV to protect your privacy in the jamming radius with excellent heat dissipation.

Technical Specs: Radius:35m Weight:4kg Size:395 x 238 x 60mm Warranty:One Year

$990.99 $1889.59

4 Antennas GSM/3G Jammer Unadjustable WIFI GPS Signal Blocker

The jamming frequencies of the 4 bands desktop jammer includes GSM,3G and GPS.It can deal with the A-GPS tracking to protect your privacy and be used in many places with the radius up to 30 meters.

Technical Specs: Radius:30m Weight:3.2kg Size:210 x 50 x170mm Warranty:One Year


Adjustable Wireless Signal Jammer GPS GSM 3G Blocker Jamming Devices

This adjustable WiFi jammer is very powerful with the radius up to 30 meters.It is multi-functional and 4 frequencies is configurable in the blocker at the same time.Supports WiFi, GSM,3G,GPS,315,433 and 868MHz.

Technical Specs: Radius:30m Weight:3.2kg Size:210 x 50 x170mm Warranty:One Year